Important Information

Music Together®® Evansville, IN – Important Information – 2012-2013



812-205-6834 or 812-491-9400

Please note!  See schedule tab for class dates and closures.  Mark your calendars!


Refund Policy

You will receive a full refund or credit toward a future class if you make a request to drop the class BEFORE session begins.  You will receive a full refund or credit toward a future session (less the cost of registration fee and music materials) if you drop the class before you have completed your first 2 classes of the session.  After week two, pro-rated credits may be issued upon review of the individual circumstances.  Pro-rated refunds may be issued less the registration and materials and classes attended when extraordinary circumstances exist, such as death in the family, extreme illness, a move out of state, etc.  The registration fee is non-refundable.

Make-up Policy and Absences

  • ·         Two make-ups per child per semester will be allowed on a space available basis.  Make-ups cannot be carried over to other semesters.  If time allows, extra make-up classes may be added to the schedule.
  • ·         Please call and leave a message if you know 24 hours in advance that you are going to be absent.  Your spot may be used for someone else’s makeup class.
  • ·         MAKEUPS – are scheduled online from the “Make-up Scheduler” tab on our website.  Click on the tab and register for the make-up class you choose.  Please register 48 hours prior to the class you would like to attend, if at all possible.  We will contact you if the class is full.

Class Closings

Classes may be canceled in case of bad weather.  IF FULL SESSION DOES NOT OCCUR DUE TO SNOW DAYS< OR OTHER ACTS OF NATURE, MONETARY REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.  CREDIT TOWARD FUTURE CLASSES WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE AFFECTED.  In general, if schools are canceled due to inclement weather, Music Together classes may also be cancelled.  Classes may also be cancelled due to teacher illness, if a substitute is not available.  All cancelled classes will be made up at the end of the semester.  CALL THE VOICEMAIL at 812-491-9400 OR CHECK THE FACEBOOK PAGE FOR WEATHER CANCELLATIONS.


Classroom Etiquette

  • ·         Please turn off cell phones or use the vibrate option if you must have it on.  Phone calls should not be accepted during class time.
  • ·         Drinking and eating should take place outside the classroom to avoid distractions and possible allergy issues.  Nursing is acceptable in class.
  • ·         Do not leave class early if at all possible.  Putting on coats and gathering things is distracting to others.
  • ·         Please place all instruments and props in the “wet box” when your child has placed them in his mouth.
  • ·         If your child is crying, use your best judgement as to when she should be removed from the room to calm down.
  • ·         Allow your child the freedom to roam, but always BE ALERT.  Remember, no space is completely child-proof.
  • ·         Keep socializing with other adults down between songs.  Enjoy trying to create a completely musical environment – if you’re socializing, you may miss important musical developments in your child.  Too much socializing during class can be over-stimulating for the children.


Health Policy

We take time to sanitize all our instruments and materials.  Scarves are washed regularly and instruments are cleaned at least weekly with alcohol wipes.  Any mouthed instruments are disinfected after each class.  We ask that all participants wash their hands before and after their music class.  Hand sanitizer is made available.  Please do not but your teacher in an uncomfortable position by bringing a sick child to class.  You must stay home if you or your child have:

  • ·         Persistent Cough
  • ·         Very Runny Nose, with think or discolored discharge
  • ·         Fever – not present without medication for at least 24 hours
  • ·         Diarrhea
  • ·         Vomiting – less than 24 hours


Siblings and Other Guests

  • ·         Please call the voice mail 24 hours in advance if you need to bring a guest (more than 2 adults per child) or a student’s sibling.  There is a possibility that there will not be room for guests.  If you call 24 hours in advance and do not hear back from the office, you may bring the guest.  For emergencies, we will do our best to accommodate.
  • ·         A guest may not come more than one time per session.
  • ·         You may pay $10 extra per class that you bring a non-registered guest age 6 or younger.  No exceptions please.  The $10 is payable to your teacher.
  • ·         If you do not call in advance, you may be asked to leave.  This is not meant to be harsh, rather there are a limited number of instruments and teachers do not want to hurt any child’s feelings by having to deny them an instrument.  Also, it is unfair to current clients to overcrowd classes.