What People Are Saying About Our Music Together® Classes...

See what our parents and students have to say about our Music Together® Classes...


        "Our kids have been asking to listen to the Music Together CDs, instead of watching their favorite movies or videos!"


        "Our kids have started initiating "music  moments" at home where they sing a Music Together song and want the rest of us to dance!"


         "I love the music and enjoy the classes!"


         "We started Music Together classes when we lived in a different city.  We were thrilled to learn that you now have classes in the            Evansville area. 

           I love that I can bring all of my children to the same class at Music Together and we can enjoy music together!"


         "My favorite song is 'John the Rabbit!'" - Allison, a Music Together participate, age 3 1/2


         "I can't get over how quickly my child learns these songs and sings them on his own.  I knew he loved music, but this class has taken it to a new level.

         He is having a blast in Music Together!"


         "The teachers are so friendly and inclusive...accepting of my child with special needs.  I appreciate having a place that we can go and be accepted for who my child is and what she CAN do!  These well-trained teachers are a great resource for families in this community.  I highly recommend this class!"


         "Casey really cares about the families in the classes and helps you select the best class for your child.  Her caring spirit will keep us coming back!"


         "I love that I can experience this class each week with my grandson.  The classes are very active and engaging, and it is a joy to see my grandson

         having so much fun and learning so much!  We love listening to the music and "playing along" at home and in the car between classes."