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See what our clients and families have to say about our Music Therapy Services...


      "Amy loves music therapy - Brings out a side of her I don't get to see very often - she is so into it!"


      "I like the way you tailor the therapy to the individual client.  The therapist really makes my son want to work for her.  She really motivates him. 

         He's hard to motivate for everyone else.  Our son loves his music and therapist.  I wish everyone who worked with us was as interested in

         what was best for the client.  This has been a terrific waiver service!"


      "I like the way you incorporate school IEP goals into Music Therapy.  The therapist is very encouraging and praises Emma's progress.  She keeps us

         and the case manager informed in plans of treatment.  We can't think of one thing you can do to improve your service to us.  We tell others of your great

         company and strongly recommend."


      "Jaley is very attentive and professional.  She treats the consumer with respect and care."


      "Our son enjoys music and has bonded well with his therapist.  He seems to be making progress in communication and other areas."


      "My daughter looks forward eagerly to each music therapy session.  Our therapist is truly a professional."


      "Great musical activities and interaction!"


      "IMT, LLC staff can be described as: consistent, caring, patient, fun, sensitive..."


      "The therapist addresses all the issues (gross motor, fine motor, & speech) in all her sessions.  Our daughter is not even aware that she

      is having a therapy session!"


      "You use music, which Carie loves, to help her motor skills and choice- making skills.  This is really a very fun and functional part of her daily life.

      Keep up the good work!"


      "Our therapist treats Alex with respect and is committed to helping him with processing, memory, and communicating.  Music Therapy has been

      a life saving service for Alex.  Without it, I feel he would not be able to communicate his thoughts as well as he now does.  Music Therapy has opened

      the door for Alex's self esteem.